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How ERC can save you money and improve the level of service you currently are receiving

Simplified Example:

Assume that you have 1 Canon copier, 1 Toshiba copier, 1 Ricoh fax, 1 HP printer, 1 Dell PC, 1 IBM server, 1 ATL ultrasound and 1 chemistry analyzer..
Your Current Situation   Using ERC
Chances are you bought the equipment separately from 8 different companies, and now you have 8 different maintenance agreements.
Each of these agreements requires 4 installments therefore a total of 32 different purchase orders and payments.
ERC will be your One-Stop-Shopping. Our team will manage this process and will work with your vendors.
You will have one agreement for all your equipment, one purchase order to process and one payment (if you wish) to make.
Since each company in this mature/competitive equipment market had to compete aggressively with other manufacturers, the equipment pricing used was very competitive, sometimes even at a loss or break-even point. These companies figured that once they sell you the equipment they can make up loss revenue on the maintenance agreements. Since they need to make money on each of these agreements, they based their pricing on worst case scenario. What do they need to charge to make sure they make money no matter what happens to each and every piece of equipment.
Since ERC becomes your single partner for managing all repairs for your equipment, ERC's risk is reduced dramatically and pricing is based on a lower risk factor. Your price is fixed so it is easy to budget.

The more equipment covered by ERC, the smaller the risk, which in turn reduces the price we can charge for our services. The average savings that ERC is able to provide in comparison to your existing agreements is about 25%. With 1000s of customers around the nation, we calculate our risk based on the national average. If you are a small company, economies of scale still apply to you.
Since you bought most of your equipment separately and at different times, each maintenance agreement may have different expiration and renewal date, which are difficult to track. There is a lot of fine print/exclusions to further guarantee the profitability of each contract for the vendor.
With ERC's agreement consolidation, all of your equipment can have the same expiration and renewal dates With ERC, all agreements can be consolidated, so all equipment have the same expiration and renewal dates. The coverage is broader and even includes coverage for breakdowns caused by negligence, operator error, power surges and transformer failures!
If you decide not to get a service agreement with a vendor and you have an unusually high number of repairs, you may have budget and cash-flow difficulties.
For ERC this is not a problem. Since it manages a tremendous amount of equipment, the repairs each year are higher in some companies and lower in others.
If you don't get a service agreement, you may be unaware of overcharges and/or unnecessary repairs.
ERC has technicians as part of its evaluating team and knows what repairs and charges are appropriate.
You have good working relationships with some of your vendors, but you are not very happy with others.
ERC will still work with your favorite vendors. As a client you are no longer locked into any specific vendor for the contract term. If you opt, vendors can be selected and utilized through ERC's national vendor database.
Your current contracts have limitations which present problems and disruptions to your operation.
ERCs BudgetGuardTM program offers expanded services at no additional cost.
Currently you have 8 numbers to call depending on which equipment needs repairs.
With ERC you will have one toll-free number to call!! The new simplified process will save you and your employees many valuable hours.
  What is the FIRST STEP in the process?
Get your free evaluation. We can look at your equipment and your existing contracts and give you a comprehensive report along with a list of references that will help you decide if ERC has a solution that will work for you.
Give us a call at (866)ERC-SAVE