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BudgetGuardTM : ERC's Comprehensive Service Solution for Maintenance Management

SAVINGS: ERC's BudgetGuard program typically yields annual savings of 20%-40% over traditional service contracts. The BudgetGuard program utilizes the law of averages by pooling large numbers of equipment across the nation. This eliminates the peaks and valleys of our clients' overall maintenance experience, and therefore, is able to offer you a lower fixed rate.

AGREEMENT CONSOLIDATION: BudgetGuard simplifies your equipment maintenance by consolidating service contracts for a wide range of electronic equipment under one agreement. It provides a single point of contact for all maintenance needs. BudgetGuard eliminates the confusion and frustration that result from equipment breakdowns.
One call to our 24 hour TeleFixTM hotline takes care of all of your repairs.

VENDOR CHOICE: The BudgetGuard program puts you in control of your repairs. As a client you are no longer locked into one specific vendor for the contract term. Alternative vendors can be selected and utilized through ERC's national vendor database.

EXPANDED COVERAGE: BudgetGuard goes beyond typical service contracts by providing coverage for a broad range of contingencies and repairs due to:
  • Misuse
  • Negligence
  • Operator Error
  • Power Failure
  • Power Surges

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Same Day Service
Most problems reported during the morning hours are resolved the same day. Through our state-of-the-art TeleFixTM problem reporting, tracking and resolution system, we can manage the entire process: From problem reporting to billing and payment.

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